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You did really well on the artwork for this one. Dixie has never been more expressive. It looks like it’s time to replace the old jacket though, unless bullet holes are this year’s must have fashion accessory. In any event, great work! Keep ’em coming.


Favorite parts: Devious Sola in the 12th panel, and AUGHT OF USE IN HELL

Also for some reason I still find FLOUR SACK DRESS to be a simply delightful gag. That one has aged beautifully.

Actually, that’s Cee, but you’re not the only one who’s said that. I’m putting a cast page together sometime later this week, conveniently enough!

Flour sack was the first thing that popped to mind when both you and your pawn start off in Boring Peasant Togs like nearly every RPG ever. Sometimes I really wish more games would take the City of Heroes approach and let you make you character look cool off the bat and let your leveling options do the talking, unlocking “special” stuff as you accomplish stuff throughout. Still, Doogmar was pretty fun. Postgame spikes the difficulty a bit, though part of that might have been facing the dragon in my upper 40’s.

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