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I never really got around to finishing it and discussing it in any real detail, but I played Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy after I had pretty much maxed out Triangle Frontier on the PSP. I didn’t really like it as much overall, I think mostly they sort of set out to do different things with the same basic engine- the Macross Frontier games just aim to provide quick fixes of action and re enact moments from the series for fans, while 30 wants to be its own thing and kind of forfeits some of the fanservice in the process (no Destroids, playable SDF’s, limited array of enemy mecha unlockable) and replaces them with a open maps (yay!) and an array of fetch quests and crafting (boo.)

About the best things to come of it in my opinion: Aisha Blanchett, the YF-30, and these awesome roving bandit Zentraedi Battlepods with shark-teeth painted on. The first time one came running up to me in a cave, I just went “YES. THIS IS AWESOME.”

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